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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poetry Project/Coach House Release: Prismatic Publics

Wednesday (September 23), The Poetry Project kicks off its fall season with some innovative poets from north of the border.

The Project is helping Coach House Books launch its new anthology of experimental Canadian female poets, Prismatic Publics. The event will feature readings from Nicole Brossard, Margaret Christakos and Catriona Strang, as well as an introduction from anthology co-editor Kate Eichhorn. Several other writers featured in the anthology may also be in attendance, as the launch will serve as a perfect unofficial pre-party for the Advancing Feminist Poetics & Activism conference (at the CUNY Graduate Center).

September 23 – Poetry Project launches anthology of Canadian women writers
Trailblazing poets from across the country kick off the reading series’ new season

Featuring readings by

Nicole Brossard (Museum of Bone and Water, The Aerial Letter,Mauve Desert)
Margaret Christakos (Excessive Love Prostheses, Sooner, What Stirs)
Catriona Strang (Busted, Cold Trip, Light Sweet Crude)

Prismatic Publics anthology launch at the Poetry Project
Wednesday, September 23, 8:00 pm
131 E. 10th Street
New York, NY


About Prismatic Publics:

Nicole Brossard, Margaret Christakos, Susan Holbrook, Dorothy Lusk, Karen Mac Cormack, Daphne Marlatt, ErĂ­n Moure, M. NourbeSe Philip, Sina Queyras, Lisa Robertson, Gail Scott, Nathalie Stephens, Catriona Strang, Rita Wong, Rachel Zolf.

Prismatic Publics stages intimate encounters with these key figures as they work in and against Language, conceptual, post-conceptual, documentary and investigative poetry traditions – often across, between and at the interstices of genres.

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